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Re: just joined



I'm not sure yet, my notes are from an old install, I've just plugged it into a new install of Linux Mint Debian Edition ready for a new attempt.

Any chance someone could edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WizardpenTesting and add a "how to test" section underneath the "info" section with where to get the various available versions and how to test them and contribute results? I'm currently not clear, I see mention of a PPA in the mail archive but haven't figured much out yet.

I am a programmer but more on the C# side than systems programming so probably can't actually contribute any useful code changes.



On 03/06/12 00:25, Martin Owens wrote:
Hey Tim,


Does your wizardpen tablet work with the wacom user space driver yet?


On Sun, 2012-06-03 at 00:18 +0100, Tim Abell wrote:
Just thought I'd say hi, I have a manhattan wp5540 and have just
the group to help out if I can.