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stability & compatibility between newer and older versions of yade


I'd like to touch the issue of compatibility between newer and older
versions of yade. Some people prefer not to upgrade :)

I would like to tackle this in two steps:

1. I would create a branch "fixing-examples" with the aim to go
meticulously through all the examples and make sure that they all
work. Once they work merge them into develop, then master. And keep
policy that in master all examples must work.

2. introduce more detailed unit tests in same way as plugins are declared via macro.
The goal would be that every declared plugin would simultaneously be
declared as eligible for unit testing. That's hundreds of unit tests
to be written. But I guess that's the only way to go ensure stability.
I want to investigate this approach, perhaps use boost::unit_test for that.
Once each plugin has unit test for each of its methods we would reach 100% test coverage :)

Janek Kozicki

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