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New Yade version, beginning of January 2021


Dear Yade users and developers,

As always at the beginning of January I am planning to prepare
a release of a new Yade version.

Please try to push your changes inyo the code at least till the mid
of December, so we will have enough time to test it on different
platforms during the Christmas period and release it on time.
Also please try not to push too much breaking changes at that

The new Debian Bullseye release is scheduled already [1]. So we
should not be too late to prepare a new Yade for the next stable
Debian version.

Also it would be good to prepare short but meaningful release notes.
Current git-workflow has too many small log-messages, so it is
difficult to get meaningful information from there. Please use this
link to add some notes [2].

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianBullseye
[2] https://pad.systemli.org/p/yade-2021-release-notes

Thank you

Anton Gladky

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