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Re: Submitting Yade to an "Open Software" prize (FYI)


Hi guys,

Good news, I'm willing to join.


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On 25/10/2021 12:27, Bruno Chareyre wrote:
Hi Devs,

For your information, I will submit yade to a french "Open Science and Open Source Software Prize" that was opened recently.
I've been invited to to so by local colleagues from Gricad (HPC people).
The procedure is described here [1] (only in french unfortunately - the "english" button is only a broader overview).

I didn't go through the whole documents but the various prizes are: "science/technology", "community", "documentation", "all criteria together".
Deadline early December.
I'll try and circulate a preliminary document here for possible review.
If you want to be involved directly let me know.

[1] https://www.ouvrirlascience.fr/ouverture-des-candidatures-du-prix-science-ouverte-du-logiciel-libre-de-la-recherche/

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