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Yade 2023.02a released


Dear Yade users and developers,

We are excited to announce the release of Yade 2023.02a!
This latest version comes with several new features and improvements
that we hope will enhance your experience with the software.

Thanks to all our developers and users for their contributions to this
Special thanks to Janek for his contribution and for preparing the release

Debian packages are now available in the current Debian Testing and
have also been synced to the Ubuntu archive. Daily packages are also
available and provide all the new features for most active platforms.
Please see the installation page in the documentation.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to Yade.




Short summary of 2023.02a release:
short title (Merge Request count, until !912)

Documentation / Comments              (26 MRs)
Bug fixes                             (12 MRs)
LevelSet                              (12 MRs)
Small improvements                    ( 9 MRs)
Fluid & thermal & particle saturation ( 7 MRs)
High precision RealHP<N> ComplexHP<N> ( 7 MRs)
PotentialParticles / Blocks           ( 5 MRs)
Examples                              ( 4 MRs)
Tests & checks & CI                   ( 4 MRs)
Polyhedra / Facets                    ( 3 MRs)
Clumps                                ( 3 MRs)
Packaging improvements & building     ( 2 MRs)
Alpha shapes                          ( 2 MRs)
clang-format & reorganize             ( 7 MRs)
OpenMPI calculations                  ( 0 MRs)
GUI                                   ( 0 MRs)

Documentation / Comments              (26 MRs)
  remove link to wiki in homepage + mention the generic  adress for paid
support in another place (!822)
  GnuplotHyperlink (!824)
  Peace in Ukraine (!833)
  a valid link to russian scientists protesting war (it  disappeared from
russian websites) (!834)
  trunk | new thesis (!837)
  Fix doc: import error in make doc (!840)
  Reintroducing git version number in doc index (!842)
  Doc updates (installation, ViscEl, makeClumpCloud) (!841)
  VTKRecorder doc typo and +1 paper (!854)
  Update information about yadedaily installation (!855)
  Doc: missing new line in raw docstring (!860)
  Fix broken link to pdf docs (!863)
  New publications (!875)
  clarify options and packages (!861)
  Remove google-analytics script #280 (!873)
  Py3 related comment in one capillary script (!876)
  Add short-course guides and slides to website (!871)
  Add news about Yade hackathon (!879)
  Modifying Installation page, merging indications of  features and
external packages (!870)
  Fix #286, replace frontpage Changelog link + other  homepage
modifications (!882)
  clarify a FIXME which has been partly fixed. (!903)
  Doc updates regarding Clump and OAR compilation option  (!900)
  New publications (!905)
  +1 paper (!912)
  mention ubuntu20.04 virtual machine (!915)
  Yade on Twitter (!920)

Bug fixes                             (12 MRs)
  small fix: correct shebang and follow XDG specification  (!831)
  fix #256 (!852)
  fix #259 (!850)
  fix #264 - Failed screenshot tests in test_22_04 (!853)
  workaround bug  https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1009739
  Revert "workaround bug
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1009739"; (!867)
  reimplement flipCell, fix
https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/701782 (!864)
  Fix compilation with g++ 12 (!885)
  One more g++ 12 fix. (!886)
  Fix ppc64el and i386 (!890)
  Remove last trace of libloki-dev (!888)
  FIX #290, binding functions should not use 'def_readonly'  (!898)

LevelSet                              (12 MRs)
  Level set visualisation (!828)
  Reflecting recent qt visualization of LevelSet in the doc  (!836)
  Level set Periodic Boundary Conditions (!832)
  LevelSet Updates (!865)
  A better definition of LS grids for superquadrics (back  to [Duriez2021b]
behavior) (!883)
  Smeared Heaviside step function for level sets (!881)
  Level-set DEM periodic boundary conditions update (!897)
  LS updates (!908)
  Correcting location of LS-LS ScGeom contactPoint (!911)
  Avoiding a brutal throw when boost root finding algorithm does not find
any in LevelSet (!928)
  LevelSet new discharge example, updates in smearing considerations and
formal changes (!914)
  fabricTensor for non-spherical particles through extrema argument (!916)

Small improvements                    ( 9 MRs)
  Removing unused Body.chain (!825)
  add support for python 3.10 and add new find paths for  CLP, CuBlas and
freeglut with  new archlinux image (!830)
  Introducing capillary files in yade-data. (!877)
  Fix urls to input data in the benchmark scripts, and set
 preventGranularRatcheting=False, hertzian=True (!895)
  use precomputed shearIncrement: faster and compatible  with all Ig2
functors,... (!893)
  ensure randomColor() uses utils func (!909)
  Removing unused chain attribute from facet() Python  signature (!913)
  fabricTensor for non-spherical particles through extrema  argument (!916)
  Update Hertz-Mindlin model and docs (!919)

Fluid & thermal & particle saturation ( 7 MRs)
  ymport.py: Check FoamFile header and handle comments.  (!813)
  Generalize link between ThermalEngine and derived  FlowEngines (!844)
  Make thermal state working version (!846)
  avoid a potential infinite recursion in the lubricated  contact model
  compile and improve  Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity1.cpp (!868)
  Adding a readme file for capillary files, with data  description (!904)
  Fix CapillaryEngine (case of no input files) + exemple  script (!902)

High precision RealHP<N> ComplexHP<N> ( 7 MRs)
  Build ubuntu 22.04 & bookworm packages for long double,  float128 and
mpfr150 (!814)
  Fix REAL_HP on other architectures. Add bookworm arm64 to  CI pipeline.
  Fix long double on other architectures: arm64, s390x,  ppc64el (!820)
  Fix #247 by removing the confusing name REAL_HP (!859)
  Needs a fix: Debian package high precision build problem  (!884)
  Make sure cpp_bin_float 150 passes the tests: larger tolerance 62 → 150
decimal places. (!887)
  A bit more in docs about "Using higher precisions in C++" (!918)

PotentialParticles / Blocks           ( 5 MRs)
  PotentialParticle minor changes (documentation,  unnecessary
prerequisites and contact between fixed bodies) (!835)
  Correct normalForce when allowViscousAttraction=False for  PP and PB
  Pbc doc figures improvements (!862)
  Allow contacts between fixed potential blocks (!910)
  Adding potential_utils module and additional examples for  the
PotentialBlocks (!907)

Examples                              ( 4 MRs)
  Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity maintenance:  updates in doc and
examples README, in independence of the wiki (!896)
  Partial fix bug #228, use yapf3 python code formatting on  some of
examples (not all of them yet) (!715)
  A capillary example: A better location of GSTS before NI  (thanks Guo
Chang) (!878)
  fixed outdated mill.py example (!899)

Tests & checks & CI                   ( 4 MRs)
  increase ccache size to 500G for nova runners (!845)
  reduce peak demand on MPI workers to release pressure on  gitlab runners
(from 10 to 4) (!848)
  enable shared ccache and make -j4 the default (not 5)  (!849)
  Fix test_bookworm: it now uses the same screenshots as  test_22_04 (!856)

Polyhedra / Facets                    ( 3 MRs)
  Further clarification of Facet code (!826)
  ymport: polyMesh support. (!821)
  Modifying code comments in ScGeom, now that it may apply  to sthg else
than Sphere and Facet shapes (!880)

Clumps                                ( 3 MRs)
  Implement clump breakage algorithm (!857)
  Fix clump stress (!891)
  use Shop::getStress in PeriTriaxController to handle  clumps gracefuly

Packaging improvements & building     ( 2 MRs)
  CMake: Skip libvtk version 7. (!819)
  CMake: Add DISABLE_PKGS option. (!816)

Alpha shapes                          ( 2 MRs)
  Display alphaShapes in QGLViewer (!901)
  Bound alpha shapes (!906)

clang-format & reorganize             ( 7 MRs)
  Move pfv (!851)
  Fix #228, small final reformat (!929)
  Fix #228, add to the CI pipeline a verification that all python scripts
are formatted (now it's ready) (!926)
  small clang C++ reformat (!922)
  Partial fix bug #228, yapf3 python reformat in ./examples/ (!925)
  Partial fix bug #228, small yapf3 python reformat in ./py/ ./gui/ and
./doc/ (!924)
  Partial fix bug #228, small yapf3 python reformat in ./scripts/ (!923)

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