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Re: Method on partitioning



On 11/27/18 8:32 PM, Robert Caulk wrote:
Hey Deepak,

Feel free to add it! I should also point out that I just pushed 2 methods for automatic 3D domain decomposition. One of the methods uses least squares to minimize the differences between subdomain x,y,z lengths and [1].
Whenever "length" appears somewhere it is not a bad idea to define it as max(x,y,z) instead of sqrt(x²+y²+z²). Just because this norm corresponds to the axis-aligned bounding box norm.

If you ask it for an "odd" number of workers (domains) it splits some of the domains to make use of remaining workers (you can also manually control the decomposition so you could just decompose evenly along one axis, maybe more suitable for "odd" worker requests). The other decomposition method uses a sparsely generated random point cloud to set an arbitrary number of randomly shaped subdomains [2]. Feel free to test them out [3].

It seems we need to have a naïve decomposition for a start  (fixed cartesian grid, most likely) else it will be impossible to quantify progress on this aspect in the hackaton.