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Re: Yade-MPI sending/receiving serialized bodies


Hi Deepak,
Clearly there is no reason to compare speed of sending pos+vel vs. speed of
sending the entire body, since these communications are not used at the
same stages.
Sending serialized bodies is an alternative to sending the whole scene, and
I guess (?) sending 5% of the bodies in a scene will take less time than
sending the scene.
The communication which occures at each iteration will always be only

@Janek, when we break a scene in multiple pieces we want to send everything
because we don't want to worry about what needs to be sent in each other
particular case, and actually if an attribute is there then we can safely
assume that there is a reason for it. When it's already broken in pieces we
update (communicate) only positions and velocity because otherwise it's too
expensive, as Deepak found, but it's not foolproof. For instance
differential growing of particles in each subdomain would break this
concept since radius is not communicated at every iteration.


On Sun, 28 Apr 2019 at 19:58, Deepak Kn <deepak.kn1990@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have finished implementing the functions to serialize and deserialize
> the bodies and the necessary communications to exchange the serialized
> bodies. The serialized messages (binary) are several times larger than the
> usual (state) messages in mpy/mpf.py (vel,pos, ori, id, bounds) etc. And as
> a result the simulations are far slower ! Here's how it scales : for
> exchanging 220 bodies, the serialized messages were around 215456 elements
> (chars), and in the previous versions, the message sizes were 4180
> (doubles). (testMPI2D no merge, on 3 procs, 20000 bodies.)
> Most of the functions are implemented in Subdomain.cpp Subdomain.hpp and
> MPIBodyContainer.hpp, (branch : mpi_dpk on gitlab) I followed the same
> logic of the previous version (mpy/mpf), non blocking sends and blocking
> recvs (with probes) are used for the communications between the workers,
> and blocking communication for sending the forces to the master (the same
> as in mpy/mpf).
> I think this can be improved, we can serialize the states,bounds and send
> these instead of the bodies? what do you think? (all the functions do
> serialize, deserialize and communicate are ready. We just need a container
> to hold only the required info.)
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