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Yet Another Dynamic Engine 0.9.0 beta release!


I'm pleased to announce first beta release of YADE !

changes include:

- Tetrahedron Discrete Model, and Lattice Discrete Model start to work,
  but not good enough to increment a major revision number.
- FEM, DEM, Mass Spring and Rigid Body are working good.
- split of packages done. Now each package can be developed separately
  and has own version numbers.
- Initial version numbers are choosen arbitrally to reflect their
  advancement state.
- huge improvement in Makefile. 'make compile_install' and yade is ready
  to release to the wild world.
- some classes renamed to better reflect their functions,
- some cleaning,
- Simulation loop editing through GUI starts to work,
- added REGSITER_BASE_CLASS_NAME, so we can build class tree on runtime
  (used by simulation loop GUI), 
- removed all references from Serialization stuff to
  yade-lib-multimethod as they are totally unrelated, 
- plugins of yade containers are now using ::iterator, just like STL ! 

Visit yade webpage to download and install!


Also, yade webpage was updated. You can look at some videos,
documenttaion starts to appear, you are welcome explore the website

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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