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Some questions about YADE


Hi, all:
    After several days I am now able to be playing with YADE with the samples 
provided, here are some feelings for my first contact with YADE:

(1) When you are doing the finite difference approach for each step, e.g. 
assume I am playing the SDECSpherePlane, put 5 balls each for x,y,z direction, 
do you perform triangulation during each time step? Or do the triangulation 
every several steps? Or you have better contact detect schemes?

(2) For the SDECImpact test, the automatic (critical) time stepper from the 
example is quite small that at first I thought the simulation is not 
working:), do you really choose the fraction of minimum period for all the 
balls? I know larger time step will soon cause numerical stability.

(3) Do you have any termination criterion for the simulation? e.g. when you 
are performing a triaxial test, there should be some kind of value (for 
example, maximimum unbalanced force ratio as Itasca did) to evaluate the 
I know these might be very easy basic questions, hope you can provide more 
documents! Thanks a lot!

Chen Feng

Graduate Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
(865) 974-2608 (1st floor lab)

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