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Re: Question about start developing with yade


Feng, Chen said:     (by the date of Tue, 4 Oct 2005 03:43:22 -0400)

> Hi, all:
>     Another question about Yade is that can you provide some kind of detailed 
> information about how to use the developer tools to coding YADE? e.g. 
> Kdevelop, valgrind, etc? Probably I can start coding it very soon, however all 
> the previous programming experiences I have right now are under Win32+Visual 
> Studio+Cygwin.

in kdevelop you can open file named: some-file-name.kdevelop - this is a
kdevelop's project file. for valgrind I really recommend alleyooop, you
will figure how to use it - just remember that it needs debug symbols.

sooner or later windows version will appear, and it will use mingw32
(not visual studio) - because I have here some scratch parts of yade
working under windows (for example class factory). One still needs time
to build whole yade.

of course we want to prepare some documentation about how to develop
with yade using kdevelop, including some screenshots from kdevelop -
detailing what exactly to do, to write a new simulation model (like FEM
for example). but we need time to make it!

I'm going to conference tommorow, and I'll be back on 14.Oct - I will
have limited access to internet during that time.

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