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Re: Re : Triaxial Test


I will
gladly incorporate this to svn :) But before I start doing that I prefer
to wait till you will have the "final" version. As it will be much
easier for both of us, if there are less changes done at later time.
I agree! In fact I didn't post the files in order to commit them. They are too fresh...
Thank you for all expanations.
I is really nice to know how to debug with "core*" files.
I heard things about it many times but I've never been able to know how to do it.

_I recommend all Yade users who are intersted in debugging but don't know how to do it to read the previous post in this thread.
Thank you also for optimisation tips. In fact, I already knew most of them, but it is never bad to hear this one more time. Currently the type of things I think about (in order to optimize) are often related to algorithms themselves rather than the way they are implemented. For instance, I wonder if subdividing a whole metabody into separate groups of body and applying SAP collider to each group would not allow a faster detection of contacts. It simply requires that the groups are updated each 100 time steps (less/more depending on speeds of bodies). So perhaps, from your point of view, this is not optimizing Yade, it is writing a faster SAP collider.. You know, I don't plan to work on this type of things very soon, I prefer to concentrate on the triaxial test now. But when I read Yade code, I can't resist the temptation of asking me if something could be done faster. Perhaps I have few ideas, but I have to think twice (or more) to them, because I often discover that what I see initialy as a good idea is in fact just waste of programming time...

I will clean/rename my code for triaxial, make a file generator that trully simulate a triaxial test, and write the timestepper based on stiffness matrices. These are next steps.

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