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strange bug: yade switch off



I'm a new YADE user, and my plan is to insert the capillary cohesion (due to water) within it, in order to simulate unsaturated soils with DEM.

I have created header and source files "CapillaryCohesiveLaw" (same place that the "ElasticContactLaw": packageDEM->src->engine->StandAloneEngine) and compiled them without any problem (after some tries and help, of course...). Then, the idea was to implement this "CapillaryLaw" in the SDECImpactTest to test it; and after few changes inside the concerned files (.pro, .hpp, .cpp), in the same way that for the "bigball" or rotationblocked" options, I have compiled, and my option square "water" appears on the file generator's window under YADE's interface (no problem until here...).

So, when I tick this space, I can load the project file, but when I try to "play" it, YADE closes without any message or warning. Do you have any idea of what happened, or about which files can be concerned? Bruno tells me about a debugger...

Thanks in anticipation, so long.


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