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Re: question


Lionel Favier said:     (by the date of Thu, 16 Feb 2006 17:55:01 +0100)

> load unsuccesfull :
> load unsuccesfull : UI
> load unsuccesfull : DME
> load unsuccesfull : ll
> load unsuccesfull : ra1
> load unsuccesfull : ra2
> Couldn't load everything, some stuff may work incorrectly.

this error occurs when in one of plugin directories (those lib/yade/
directories filled with .so files, like for example:
yade-package-mass-spring/libHangingCloth.so, etc...) a file appears
which is not compatibile with yade, or somewhat incorrectly linked
during compilation.

> For the same problem, in fact these 'load unsuccesfull' appear when I 
> add the examples plugins, so I can't create the scene.xml whereas I 
> created the data file.

I don't exactly understand. What are "examples plugins" ? If it's this


then I must tell you that this file is not compatibile with latest svn,
and unfortunately will not work.

If it's something different, you must explain a bit more.

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