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Re: "off contact" interaction


increasing the size of bounding box is not enough, you should rather
increase the radius of InteractingSphere. When InteractingSphere is
bigger, then automatically its bounding box will be bigger too.

Yes, if you make bounding box bigger, then the interaction gets into the
list of volatile interactions, but this is only a first "rough" check to
find 'candidates' for interactrions. Later all 'candidates' are examined
again to check if they are really interacting. In this case -
InteractingSphere checks its radius, and answers "no, they are not
interacting". That's why you can interate over the interaction, but
later the force has no effect.

But to avoid capillary law when spheres are really overlapping, you will
have to make some extra radius check. This won't be a clean solution
since in this aspect interactions were not finished, and having multiple
kinds of interactions between the same objects is still not clearly
designed. I encoureage you to make this capillary law, since when you
make it, we will have an example of this long ago foreseen problem. With
your example it will be possible to design interaction handling (in this
aspect) in clean way.

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