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About converting Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio to Kn and Ks


Hi, all

Today I went into the file "MacroMicroElasticRelationships.cpp", where I am 
looking for the equation to convert E and v into normal and tangential 
stiffness, I saw these lines:

Real Dinit 	= Da+Db; 			// FIXME - is it just a sum?
Real Sinit 	= Mathr::PI * std::pow( std::min(Da,Db) , 2);
Real Kn		= (Eab*Sinit/Dinit)*( (1+alpha)/(beta*(1+Vab) + gamma*(1-alpha*Vab) ) 
);   //cerr << "Kn: " << Kn << endl;
contactPhysics->initialKn= Kn;
contactPhysics->initialKs= Kn*(1-alpha*Vab)/(1+Vab);

My question is that where does these two equations come from? Can any body 
give the reference?

Thanks a lot!

With best regards,

Feng, Chen
Graduate Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
(865) 974-4835 (Office)

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