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Re: Compilation Problem


Omer Ardic said:     (by the date of Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:52:55 +0300)

> At the beginning, I couldn't compile this example. Then I remembered that I
> have installed libQGLViewer from rpm. After, I removed this installation and
> compiled it from its source,  both  this  example and  yade compiled and
> run.
> Now, I have another problem. When I press File->New Simulation (or Ctrl+N)
> not only the program but also my XWindow (KDE) crush. Any suggestion?

have you added all plugin folders?


In next version all plugin folders will be detected automatically. I'm
sorry about this nuisance.

But KDE crashes? this is so strange... Have you fully recompiled yade
after reinstalling qglviewer?

Do you have working 3d hardware acceleration?
Type in the terminal (konsole):

   glxinfo | grep render

And the answer should be:

   direct rendering: Yes

If you still got a crash, please do this: compile yade with debug


then send crash backtrace to this mailing list:


because KDE crashes, we will take one more precaution, launch screen
before starting yade. So that the 'core' file will be produced
regardless of KDE crash:

   screen                      # (then press space)
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=....
   ulimit -c unlimited

and later, before running 'gdb ./yade ./core.53414' set LD_LIBRARY_PATH too.

If you got a crash, I'm really interested to see the crash backtrace,
because I thought that yade should currently work on all computers.

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