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Re: Yade/win


Possible ways:
1. Using Cygwin, may be the easist:
I remember someone said in the mailing list that he has successfully passed 
the compilation but the GUI crashed at the first start? 
2. Using sth like Visual Studio 2005 express (free), I once successfully let 
pass the compilation stage, but I didn't go further, things have priorities. 
And I still have the project file.
3. Using gcc for windows independent of Cygwin, like M.A.M.E (the famous 

>From my perspective, using Visual Studio will be more easy to debug (add 
watch, trace, break point) and you will have more powerful tools to test it, 
like Numega BoundsChecker, etc. But I say this just because I am a very poor 
linux programmer:P. There is also some posts about this issue in the yade-dev 

>===== Original Message From Ahmed ELMEKATI <aelmikaty@xxxxxxxxx> =====
>Since i am in need of a package that does DEM under windows (free of course) 
I was thinking of making a version of Yade-DEM under windows.
>Has anyone doen something or should i start from scratch (not really since 
all routines are available)?
>I plan to do this by the end of summer.
>Notice i am using the new naming convention :)
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>Civil and Envir. Eng. Dept.
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