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call for yade presentations


(posted on yade-dev by mistake)

Hello everybody,

I will be presenting DEM and Yade at the beginning of July to the HILTI
company in Lichtenstein. The purpose is to demonstrate versatility of Yade
by showing its different applications (like: concrete, geomechanics,
capillarity etc.). It is probably (AFAIK) the first opportunity for Yade to
be used outside academia. What I would like to ask is if you could send me
some presentations that you already have about your own work on Yade so that
I could use some pictures from them etc.

Don't worry, I will not claim it is work of mine, of course :-)

This goes along the line that we would like to gather all presentations,
papers, theses etc. on the yade.wikia.com site, as I already suggested. We
will have to appropriately choose the licence so that plagiarism is avoided,


PS. Please keep in mind that this ML will not let through attachments larger
than 200kb. Fior bigger stuff, sent it by e-mail directly to me or post it
somewhere for download and send me the link.

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