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Re: installing YADE 11.0 on SUSE 10.2


Virus Hobbes said:     (by the date of Thu, 28 Jun 2007 08:12:40 -0700)

> would that be the same as libglut?  If so then I found that in /usr/lib/
> as libglut.so.3 and libglut.so.3.8.0.

the *.so file is not enough. You need an *.h file for it as well. On debian it is:


So those are header files for glut. (yes libglut is the same, the
"lib" is an often used prefix for libraries and I learned to ignore
it when I see it).

I'm not sure about suse, but it's possible that apart from "glut" you
may need "freeglut" also. It could be suse package libfreeglut

> on another note
> boost_date_time_mt
> boost_filesystem_mt
> qt_mt in /usr/share/qt3  and
> qt_mt in /usr/lib/qt
> were not found either, however it found -
> boost_date_time, boost_filesystem, and qt_mt in /usr/lib/qt3
> boost files were found as -
> libboost_date_time.a
> libboost-date_time.so
> libboost-date_time.1.33.1

For boost "_mt" is preferred but not absolutely necessary. If it's
not detected the non "_mt" version is used, and this is the case for
you. It should work.

Also I'm wondering why you had to add qt4 to QTDIR in scons.config.
yade does not use qt4 at all. I belive that it's better that you
remove qt4 from there.

Janek Kozicki
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