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Re: QGLViewer installation problem


Dear Janek,

many thanks for the explanations and the corrections. I have now been able to compile correctly yade.

for now,



Janek Kozicki wrote:
Andrea Cortis said:     (by the date of Mon, 2 Jul 2007 08:10:38 -0700)


I am having a problem with the QGLViewer installation ... I am running

Is it a fresh install of kubuntu?

I have just checked those instructions on a fresh install of kubuntu,
and I've spot two mistakes (sorry!). I updated the page.
You can safely repeat the instructions from top to bottom again, and
it should work. I forgot to install dpkg-dev and fakeroot in the
instruction, and apt-get build-dep was after apt-get source.

sudo apt-get update
apt-get source lib3dviewer
sudo apt-get build-dep lib3dviewer
cd lib3dviewer-2.2.2-3/
fakeroot debian/rules binary
After modifying the last command with the obvious 'sudo' addition, I get the
following error

nope - fakeroot does not need sudo. Really :)

make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/lib3dviewer-2.2.2-3/QGLViewer'

aaah, I see. You are working inside /usr/local. While instructions on
the website assume that you work without root privileages in your
home dir! Please repeat those steps somewhere inside your home
directory. For example in /home/acortis/tmp
After qglviewer (lib3dviewver) is installed, you can safely delete
files created in your ~/tmp, because the last line installs a
*deb package in your system.

I hope that it works now :)

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