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Re: Contents of Yade-users digest..."


Nurul Islam napsal(a):
> To install YADE, It is important to have Linux,I want to use fedora core 
> 6.Now I want to know C++ which one have to install (Visual C++  or Linux 
> C++)

I don't know what support level you expect, but you should be at least 
somewhat familiar with Linux and its tools (most importantly package 
management in your distribution, but also compiler etc) a bit to use Yade. 
Ask your Linux friends to help you at the beginnings, it is not hard.

Having said that: there is nothing like Linux C++ and to my knowledge, 
neither Visual C++ for Linux exists. The compiler you need (which is the 
only one that Yade is known to work with) is from GNU Compiler Collection 
(gcc), namely g++, version >= 4.0.

Regards, Vaclav

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