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Multi stages


Hi all,

I wonder if it is possible to simulate multistages in YADE. Let's say I want to simulate the following steps:

1. A box with 7 walls is created (4 at sides, 1 on top and 2 at the bottom, one for the hole we will remove after)

2. A box with stresses applied on a wall on top (similar to odometer test), and then, after the simulation stable (with the value of all the translations of the bodies equal zero), we remove the walls on top (erase the ID of the top) and remove the wall from the bottom.

4. When a new stage is calculated, other engines can be applied to calculate the motion of the bodies (like contact laws, etc..) (no idea how to deal with it)

However, i dont know if we can process the above stuffs with the fileGenerator derived class since we must redefine the dispatcher engines.

Btw, i'm not sure about the task of a method singleaction(), what is it used for?:)

Not sure if I exposed my question clearly,

Thank you so much

Kien Dang

Thank you so much

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