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Wall stress and problem with small density



I am working file generator modelling a odometer test. It is very similar to Triaxial test (in fact, I just modify the triaxial test a littble bit). I got several probs:
1. Wall stresses: personally, I think they are supposed to be increased with iteration; However, they were decreasing. Let's say I want to apply 500 of sigma_iso to the wall top, and then, at the begining, the wall is around 10,000 and then it increases with the iterations and when the wall stress ~ 500, the unbalance force is also small. What I think is the wall stress should increase from 0 to 500??? (does it make sense?)

2. Density: when the density is small (like 1 or 2), the balls disapear (or explose), however, when I tried with other file generator, there is no prob with the small value of density. Did I miss any treatments for this?

3. Is there any damping for velocity existed? I remembered that some one posted his paper involving to some damping in YADE, is it velocity damping and can I have that code?

Thank you so much and have a nice weekend,

Kien Dang 

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