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DynLibDispatcher: ambigious dispatch ??


Hello. I now become this message during a simulation :

"DynLibDispatcher: ambigious dispatch, could not determine which multivirtual function should be called"

In fact the simulation runs but with this message written a lot of times per iteration, leading to a very slow rate of iterations per second (plus the unpleasant feeling that something is wrong...). I've found that this is because of this particular paragraph of the .xml :

<engines _className_="InteractionPhysicsMetaEngine" label="" functorNames="[[CohesiveFrictionalBodyParameters CohesiveFrictionalBodyParameters CL1Relationships]]">
               <functorArguments size="1">
<functorArguments _className_="CL1Relationships" betaR="0.12" setCohesionNow="0" setCohesionOnNewContacts="1" />

And more precisely it seems to be due to the use of "my" CL1Relationships (simulations with CohesiveFrictionalRelationships for example run well) but I didn't find the mistake (moreover before my updates I could use these Relationships).

Does someone could explain me more precisely the sense of the output message to help me to find what is wrong ? Thanks


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