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Re: compiling problem with yade-0.12.0


> Hello Luc. If I remember well, compiling with "openmp=0" will let
> disappear the first type of error. For the two others, it is because
> you don't use the good compiler : you need g++ with version >= 4.3.
> But for that you will surely need to update your Linux distribution
> (to Intrepid). Very sincerely GOOD LUCK
Luc, I switched to 4.3 because its optimizations are far superior to
what 4.2 has to offer and I had speedups of about 30% just with that. If
you don't want to upgrade (leaving aside the fact, that you can upgrade
only your compiler, using this archive:
https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain/+archive - I suggest that you do
that), you can edit SConstruct file and change "native" to your
architecture for which you want to optimize -- see "man gcc" for the
list of those.

If you upgrade to intrepid, I think you should have no problems. I did
that on two machines, it went smoothly.


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