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Re: "primary view" transparent window


Thank you for your advices Janek and Vaclav, but finally a restart of the computer was enough. Sorry for the disturbance: as usual I was to hurry.

Janek Kozicki a écrit :
Please check if your graphics card is OK, type this:

  glxinfo | grep render

and you should get answer which contains text "direct rendering: Yes"
Maybe you will need to install package "mesa-utils" for this.

Then please start `glxgears` and you should see a basic 3D graphics
with rotating gears.

If both work, then I'm puzzled why 3d display in yade is broken. You
can try to upgrade to latest version from SVN, but I think that
0.12.1 was ok in this matter...

I think that you can try to reinstall packages with
restricted modules for your current kernel version.

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