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Re: split xml files?


sorry, not 400Gb but 400Mb!

Luc Sibille a écrit :
Hi yade developers,

Here is just an interrogation about the xml files defining the Yade simulations:

Two things:

1/ With 10000 particles the xml files are about 40Mb, it is already a little heavy. With 100000 particles it would be about 400Gb and I imagine it is quite difficult to open such a file, to edit the first twenty line to define the simulation.

2/ In my mind, the definition of the particle assembly with its interactions and the definition of the simulation are two different stuffs. For instance you can perform different simulations from a same particle assembly, thus you don't need for each of these different simulations a different xml file defining the same initial particle assembly with the same initial interactions. Or reciprocaly you can perform an identical simulation from different particles assemblies...

Consequently, my interrogation is:

Would it be interesting to split the xml file into two parts:
1/ the very first part defining the simulation itself could be kept as an xml file that we can edit manually, 2/ the second and heavy part could be saved separately as a compressed xml file or a binary file or something else ...

But, maybe you will tell me that it is not a problem thanks to python ;-) in every case it is only a question, what is your opinion?


Luc Sibille

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