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Re: Python scripting for create links, change player config and model scale question


MarcoDottor a écrit :

        I have a lot of questions for you:

The thesis I'm working on is about improving the design of the debris
transport of a driller,the better way to simulate this in my opinion is
with DEM where i can see the particle dynamics.

I set up a simulation and the first question is:

The mean radius of the debris is about 0.0004 m, in this case the
critical timestep is 10^-6 and with many particles it takes too much
time to have a one or two minutes simulation, in Your opinion could I
use a scaled model to have a bigger radius ad a bigger timestep, how
should I modify set up parameters like Gravity, should I leave 9.81
cause the mass is auto calculated from dimensions?

As Bruno said, there is probably no direct response about the possibility to use a scaled model for your problem of debris transport. In my opinion, simulate one or two minutes of real time with DEM is quit a lot (1 min with a timestep of 1e-6 s means 60 million of iterations, with 10000 particles is a lot!). But, there are solutions. For instance the problem is the same in soil-mechanics when we simulate laboratory tests. The duration of a real test can be several minutes, or a few hours.... But we can show, from a numerical point a view, that in specific conditions we can numerically accelerate the simulation of the laboratory test in order to simulate only few seconds of real time.

Good luck!


Of course all the force in action would be very much larger loosing the
adherence to reality and some potential useful informations, from the
point of view of particle motion, this scaling would change the final
result, in the sense that i would like to see how particles moves to
improve design.

I read a lot of posts of the mailing list but I have not found anything
about commanding the Yade player with Python, for example i saved a
simulation in SQLite, but the clipping plane make scene cut, How can I
change clipping plane?

How can I set particle links with python script, there is a function
that at a certain level of force breack the links?

Thank you very much for your time


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