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Re: Exclude something from compilation ?


scons exclude=lattice,snow,fem,realtime-rigidbody
It seems to be a problem with snow : this one suggested didn't work :

jduriez@r0calcul1:~/MyTrunkC$ scons profile=MyTrunkC
scons: Reading SConscript files ... @@@ Using profile MyTrunkC (scons.profile-MyTrunkC) @@@

scons: *** Error converting option: exclude
Invalid value(s) for option: snow File "/home/3S-LAB/jduriez/MyTrunkC/SConstruct", line 146, in <module>

But with
exclude = 'lattice,fem,realtime-rigidbody'
(in profile file) it currently compiles.

Thank for your answer !

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