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Re: svn commit


> Actually, I have not found an accurate instructions according to
> writing style of YADE: what indents, how to write brackets, what is
> the maximal string length etc.
> Where can I get it?

Right here :-) Tabs to indent, otherwise no instructions.  Everybody
would tell you about his/her own taste so there is no policy. (I prefer
spartan spacing, few linebreaks and longer lines as I have 24" panel,
for that matter).

Apart from this makeup style: IMPORTANT!! Always keep in mind that other
people will read your code: make sure you write comments and that
purpose of every class is clearly documented, preferrably both in the
header file and by providing a sample script on how to use it, for
example. The doxygen-style comments for all class members are also
desirable. If you are developing a bigger set of classes that cooperate
in some way, create a wiki page on that particular setup (like
http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/Speed_profiling_using_TimingInfo_and_TimingDeltas_classes) and put reference to the wiki page into sources or elsewhere.

Welcome on board.


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