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crash in lattice model


Dear Janek Kozicki:

thank you for your suggestion, and i tried your method, but it still
crashed as before.

i also tried the simple FileGenerator examples in the code in latest
trunk. I should made some change in the code to let it through when i
compiled it (delete  latticeLaw->tension_compression_different_stiffness
= true;  add "false" in REGISTER_SERIALIZABLE(LatticeExampleSimple); ).
Then the compilation succeed.

For the simple example, once after I started the simulation, the four
control button in the Simulation tab of the Simulation Controller turn
grey, I can not stop or pause the simulation by myself. The simulation
will not stop, and there is no items in the OpenGL display (before i
started the simulation, i can see some node in the display).

I also found this in terminal.
WARNING! dynamic cast of engine unit LatticeSet2LatticeBeams failed,
will use static_cast. Go figure why."

I think there may exist problems in version. some code can work in old
version (like version yade-0.11.1), but may not work in new version
(like version yade-0.12rc1). the version yade-0.12rc1 is also different
with the latest svn version.

I think this may be the reason for the crash.
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