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Re: physParamsAttr -> **physParamsAttr (?)


> Vaclav,
> What happened with physParamsAttr in the python function like  
> utils.sphere or utils.box?
> Does ** before physParamsAttr means  that the variable is deprecated?  
> my scripts fail now with:

**kw means that reamining arguments will be converted to dictionary.
Therefore, if you had something like args={'arg1':value1,'arg2':value2}
before, you should say 

 utils.box(..., arg1=value1,arg2=value2)

or, if you are lazy, pass the dictionary but expand it to the arguments 
by saying utils.box(...,**args).

(BTW, single * expands tuple to sequence of unnamed arguments in python,
so that  f(1,2,3) and args=(1,2,3); f(*args) are the same).

HTH, Vaclav