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Re: Facet position


> One more small question. If I want 2 diagrams to be appeared:
>        yade.plot.plots={'t':('Z_pr',),'F':('t')}
> It works,
> but when I change F and t:
>       yade.plot.plots={'t':('Z_pr',),'t':('F')}
> I receive only 't':('F') diagram, first one does not appears...

That's normal,  python dicts have only one value per key; try this:

 print a # {'a': 2}

since 'a':1 was overwritten. What you have to do is to create
differently-named t axis:


(you can name it as you want, I just appended the "_" (and do not forget
the comma after 'F' again)) and in addPlotData, you will have


HTH, Vaclav

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