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pfc3d videos at youtube


Hi everybody,

I recently saw nice pfc3d videos the guys over at Itasca have posted to
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=557846609383AAFE

It would be nice to simulate some of their setups with yade as well, to
show that we can make it ;-) Not everything is possible, but we could do
quite easily Ball Mill (very easy!), Stirred tank, Drilling and
Bulldozer. The bulk of the work would be to model the boundaries (drill
bit, the tank etc) in blender or by hand parametrically and then run the

In particular, if you are yade beginner and would like to get familiar
with how it works, this would be nice task to do, since you would touch
most parts of making yade simulation.

Volunteers get extra points.


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