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YADE on cluster, X11 forwarding and problem about old svn backup


Hi, all:

It might be improper to ask a question about the old svn, I have succeeded compiling the YADE on a cluster, and I have also succeeded using X11 forwarding on WinXP using Putty and Xming, however, the YADE subversion .1940 does not work well (the QGLViewer window pops a blank), while it works well for the old 0.12.0, I attached two screenshots (I am sure this is not the X11-server problem because I have tried other X11 servers like X-win32 and Exceed, Xming, the same result), I wonder if it is possible to check out some older versions (like .15xx or .16xx) in svn to see what change made the QGLviewer window unusable? Thanks!

I really do not want to frustrate anyone, but it is so cumbersome to install the bzr locally on the cluster (redhat 2.6.18-92.1.18.el5) while I do not have the admin privilege:-), Thanks a lot! 

Feng Chen
Geotechnical Engineer
HNTB Federal
9100 Bluebonnet Centre Blvd Suite 301
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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