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Starting a new project on rock slope stability


Hi all,

I currently start a new project on rock slope stability in open pit mines. I
now know YADE for a while and I am sure it can be a great tool for that and
I want to prove it to my supervisor.

I have seen that some work has been done on rock modelling (I saw that a
RockParticleModel class has been introduced in the new release 0.20). I am
still trying to understand what is written on that files but, honestly, I am
a bit lost when I compare to what I did with granular materials
(CapillaryCohesiveLaw ;) ).

The idea, for the moment, is to model some kind of a fractured rock mass
within which particles can interact either in clusters with a cohesive
behaviour (rock blocks) or between clusters with a contacting law
representative of a rock joint (maybe with an artefact to control the
roughness). In addition, maybe it would be useful to deal with spheres such
as they are a part of a lattice with no collision detection and no inertia
or something like that (?).

Maybe some of you have already think about it and I would be grateful for
any advices and suggestions.