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Re: Particle Generation (how to avoid explosion)


> Janek is right, Vincent Richefeu and me have implemented a geometric
> algorithm in Yade into Spherepadder file. 
That is not finished implementation. You use some obscure makefiles
(should be integrated with scons) and there is no documentation. Care to
fix that please? (I manged to compile that but am I supposed to read the
source to use it?) There is some python interface in
SpherePadder_wrapper.cpp, why don't you provide a simple showcase script
and sample data to run it on?

If you depend on cgal for triangulation, IIRC Bruno was going to ask
them about the license issues.

> With this type of geometric algorithm you can generate a pre-packing (see
> attached picture) and you can control some parameters as: max overlap, min
> radius min and max radius (not the sphere size distribution).