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Re: help with error debug


> Thanks all, for the previous help.  Now I've an error.  I'm running a
> python script with a new contact law (CundallStrackLaw) that i've
> written in c++.  I've checked register serializable, and against other
> files, but couldn't find the error.
> "No registered converter was able to produce a C++ rvalue of type
> boost::shared_ptr<Engine> from this Python object of type
> CundallStrackLaw"

Please commit first, there is many things that can go wrong. This is
message from boost::python, and without the sources I can't tell you

The repository is for code that compiles (so that others are not
affected in using trunk), it doesn't have to be functional as long as it
is being developed (clearly dead and broken code is not welcome, but
that is not your case)


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