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Hi all,

Thanks for the answers. Yes, I was trying to generate a dense packing, 
now it works with an higher value of porosity (basically that one by default).

A question concerning the compaction phase. I understood from Bruno's 
explanation that I can choose between two possible solution: 1) moving 
boundaries or 2) expanding the particles' radii. In the first case I got that 
the final stage is achieved according to the sigmaIsoCompation (isotropic 
stress) value I choose. But in this case I cannot control the value of porosity 
(I mean, the porosity and the isotropic stress are not independent, but here I 
choose to get a specific value of isotropic stress that will correspond to a 
certain porosity). My question is: is it possible, with the second method 
(expansion method), to choose a final target porosity? In my case I would like 
to run the triaxial test starting with a certain value of porosity.

Then I see 
that there is another flag called isotropicCompaction. Well, could you explain 
how it works? Since, actually it seems not working when I try to use it.

Thanks a lot,


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