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Re: Some issues with Facet objects (python newbie inside)


> Second, I generated a simple example in order to be familiar with the
> "python way" of scripting (testGravity_Box.py  and testGravity_Facet.py
> attached). Even if I am still confused with the different attributes to
> define in the dispatchers, simulations run, but, I get an error when I use
> Facet instead of Box which says:
> FATAL yade.InteractingFacet
> /home/sch50p/yade/pkg/common/DataClass/InteractingGeometry/InteractingFacet.cpp:32
> postProcessAttributes: InteractingFacet has coincident vertices 2 (0 0 0)
> and 0 (0 0 0)!

It is because you have box with zero height, i.e. plane. Just try:


In order to create a alone facet, use utils.facet.
In order to create a plane you can use gts:

import gts

Best regards,

Sergei Dorofeenko,
Cand. Phys.-Mat. Sci.

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics,
Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

e-mail: dorofeenko@xxxxxxxxx

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