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Re: From Blender2YADE


> Does anybody import data directly from blender ? I use it as a modeler and I plan to split the generated objects in two sets. 
> The first set of objects is filled with tetrahedra using Tetgen.  Then, these objects are filled with spherical discrete elements using Spherepadder.  This part works and it is possible to import this list of discrete elements in YADE as well. 
> The second set of objects, made of triangular faces, composes the boundary conditions, which I would like to import directly from YADE.  What would be the most straightforward technique to do so?
Hi Frederic, nice to see you here :-) Sega has create STL importer,
which can be used on STL files exported from blender. There is an
example in examples-STLImporterTest.py .

Cheers, Vaclav

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