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Re. Hybrid control of boundary stress


Thanks Luc and vaclav.
I have verified the engine performance using a 400
particle sample for stress controlled triaxial test and it seems, the
ThreeDTriaxialEngine.cpp is not working. First, I have made two
isotropic samples (Sigma1=Sigma2=Sigma3=100 kPa)having different
densities ( I have designated them dense and relatively loose). 
Then, I run the triaxial test simulation by setting Sigma1=Sigma3=100 kPa and
Sigma2=200 kPa. The stress-strain curves are attached here with. Relatively
loose sample can reach the target stress, however, the dense sample
cannot. However, the results for both the cases look abnormal. Do I have any mistake?   
I am sorry that my explanation is not good enough. I should be more precise. 
However, I think, you get what I want to mean.  I want to adjust the stress in  two directions with respect to stress value in the third direction. I want to fix the stress relations as Sigma2=a*Sigma1+b*Sigma3, where a and b are non-dimensional coefficients and will be determined by user or by any

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