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Re: Use of Bzr : Centralized/De-Centralized - checkout/branch ??


>   I've understood that
> - (centralized way) either you begin with "bzr checkout", you modify 
> files, and you commit them with "bzr commit"
> - (de-centralized way) or you begin with "bzr branch", you get a new 
> folder (copy of the current snapshot) in which you modify files, and
> you 
> commit them with "bzr push"
>     Am I right ? If yes, which way would you recommand (if there is a 
> difference) ? 
Definitely checkout, for the common case. For branch, commits are by
default local and you have to push to get them upstream.

For checkouts, commits push to upstream at the same time; if you need
local commit, you can use commit --local and then commit upstream later
or use bzr rebase (google that out, if you need it).

Cheers, Vaclav

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