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Re: For Debugging using kdevelop


Updated instructions for debugging : https://yade-dem.org/wiki/Debugging_using_Kdevelop#Update_for_Kdevelop_4

Last update :
"Other debugging methods where kdev4 would start the executable alone are not supported because kdev4 doesn't consider python executables. Also note that attaching yade while the Qt controller is not active will most probably not allow you to stop on breakpoints. " "(if Qt is not open there will be a console application icon, as discussed above it is not suited for debugging). "

For "project options", it's called in fact "project configuration", sorry... I updated the wiki.



On 13/07/10 14:56, yyu wrote:
Hello everyone,

   When I debugged using kdevelop4, I did not find *project option* in
kdevelop4. So there is no idea to set build executable*scons* before
debugging codes.  When I opened *attach process* in the run menu
according to the steps for kdevelop4 (https://yade-
dem.org/wiki/Debugging_using_Kdevelop), I didnot find yade with a small
*X* icon. Would you give me some suggestions? thanks.

yaowei yu