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Re: yade 0.50-installation failure


I had the same problem.. try tu run
scons <usual options> CPPPATH=/usr/include/vtk-5.2:/usr/include/eigen2
it solved the problem in my case

> Od: "ADERSH V K" <advk.tvm@xxxxxxxxx>
> Komu: Yade users <yade-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Datum: 02.09.2010 12:12
> Předmět: [Yade-users] yade 0.50-installation failure
>I was trying to install yade 0.50 in my new ubuntu 10.04 system.  I used the
>following scons profile.
>scons PREFIX=/home/adersh/YADE optimize=1 linkStrategy=monolithic
>Am getting the following error.
>adersh@adersh-cms:~/yade-0.50$ scons PREFIX=/home/adersh/YADE optimize=1
>linkStrategy=monolithic features=python,opengl,openmp,log4cxx,gts,vtk
>scons: Reading SConscript files ...
>@@@ Using profile default (scons.profile-default) @@@
>Yade version is `0.50' (0.50), installed files will be suffixed with
>All intermediary files will be in `/home/adersh/build-0.50'.
>Checking whether c++ compiler "g++" works...yes
>Finding libstdc++ library... (cached)
>Checking for pthread_exit(NULL) in C library pthread... yes
>Checking for boost::system::error_code(); /* non-essential */ in C++ library
>boost_system-mt... yes
>Checking for boost::thread() in C++ library boost_thread-mt... yes
>Checking for boost::posix_time::time_duration() in C++ library
>boost_date_time-mt... yes
>Checking for boost::filesystem::path() in C++ library boost_filesystem-mt...
>Checking for boost::iostreams::file_sink("") in C++ library
>boost_iostreams-mt... yes
>Checking for boost::regex("") in C++ library boost_regex-mt... yes
>Checking for try{} catch (const boost::archive::archive_exception& e) {} in
>C++ library boost_serialization-mt... yes
>Checking for boost::program_options::options_description o in C++ library
>boost_program_options-mt... yes
>Checking for C++ header file boost/foreach.hpp... yes
>Checking for sqlite3_close(0L) in C++ library sqlite3... yes
>Checking for Python development files... yes
>Checking for python module `IPython' ...(cached) yes
>Checking for boost::python::scope() in C++ library boost_python-mt... no
>Checking for boost::python::scope() in C++ library boost_python... yes
>Checking for C++ header file numpy/ndarrayobject.h... yes
>Checking for C++ header file Eigen/Core... no
>One of the essential libraries above was not found, unable to continue.
>Which library I have to install?  Thanks for any help.
>Adersh V K
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