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Re: _getMemoizedPacking error


> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   ..........
>     O.bodies.append(pack.randomDensePack(pack.inGtsSurface(surfConcrete),radius=rSphere,spheresInCell=5000,memoizeDb='cache.sqlite',material=concMat,color=(0,0,1)))
>   File "/........py/yade/pack.py", line 395, in randomDensePack
>     sp=_getMemoizedPacking(memoizeDb,radius,rRelFuzz,x1,y1,z1,fullDim,wantPeri,fillPeriodic=True,spheresInCell=spheresInCell,memoDbg=False)
>   File "/.........py/yade/pack.py", line 328, in _getMemoizedPacking
>     sp=SpherePack(cPickle.loads(str(c.fetchone()[0])))
> TypeError: List elements must be (tuple or Vector3, float)!
Hi Jan, i fixed the issue in yesterday's commit (2429), sorry for the
delay. I run in the problem myself so I had to fix it :-)

Cheers, v.