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the relationship of poisson ratio and tangential stiffness



I have checked the relationship of the physical parameters and the required parameters in Yade. I am confused how to get the shear stiffness (tangential stiffness) from the poisson ratio and normal stiffness correctly. You know, according to the description in Vaclav's thesis page 52. I get the poisson ratio is not equal to the Kt/Kn (shear stiffness/normal stiffness) directly. However, in Ip2_2xCohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys, the shear stiffness is calculated just from Kn*poisson ratio. You know, in PFC theory, the users always need to give the shear stiffness directly.  I know the poisson ratio (v) depends on the dimensionless ratio Kn/Kt. But I don't know how to get this formula (v=Kt/Kn). How to decide the coefficient?


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