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Launching scripts inside Yade ?



I still do not know how to launch python scripts once Yade is already launched (at the Yade command line - prompt thus)... I tried with run "script.py", but it does not work (see below), and I could not find the info in the doc or in the ML.

Yade [2]: run /home/3S-LAB/jduriez/yadeTrunk/scripts/normalInelasticity-test.py
NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)

/home/3S-LAB/jduriez/yadeTrunk/scripts/normalInelasticity-test.py in <module>()
     15 #Def of the material which will be used

---> 16 O.materials.append(NormalInelasticMat(density=2600,young=4.0e9,poisson=.04,frictionAngle=.6,coeff_dech=3.0,label='Materiau1'))
18 #Def of the bodies of the simulations : 2 spheres, with names which will be useful after

NameError: name 'O' is not defined
WARNING: Failure executing file: </home/3S-LAB/jduriez/yadeTrunk/scripts/normalInelasticity-test.py>

How to do that ?



Jérôme Duriez
ATER Polytech' Grenoble - Laboratoire 3S-R (ne pas laisser de messages sur le répondeur)

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