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Re: About utils.forcesOnPlane


Hi Jerome,

if I am reading the code right (yes, it is mine; "bzr qblame") , it will return the summary force using the same "convention" as is used for NormShearPhys::{normal,shear}Force; it does not care what is tension or compression. The (dot1<0.?1.:-1.) only determines the sense from id1 to id2 based on the normal, and normal is always from id1 to id2.

Cheers, Václav


I'm considering the code in py/_utils.cpp for the function forcesOnPlane, and i have few questions :

- I'm guessing that there is an hidden convention of sign below the orientation of the returned vector. Does this returned sum of forces correspond to forces acting from one side of the plane to the other (one "block" to the other) ? If yes (as I assume it), from which block to which one ? (with respect to the normal defined in the call of the function ?)

- And, if still yes to the first question, I imagine that it depends on the convention assumed by the author of this code for NormShearPhys->normalForce and NormShearPhys->shearForce : are these vectors considered from body 1 to body 2 or the contrary ? I'm aware of https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+bug/493102, but I think that the guy who wrote this made a choice (Vaclav ?)



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