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Periodic simulations -> AttributeError: can't set attribute


Hi all,

If you have this problem (title) in periodic simulations after r2663, it
is most probably due to the fact that that Cell::trsf and Cell::refSize
are now read-only. I adapted all scripts in trunk, but your local
scripts will fail.
The solution is perhaps not visible enough, so I'm pasting it here :

Yade [5]: O.cell.trsf=Matrix3(1,0,0, 0,1,0, 0,0,1)
AttributeError: can't set attribute

Yade [6]: O.cell.trsf?
    Current transformation matrix of the cell. _Change the value with

Yade [7]: O.cell.refSize?
    Reference size of the cell. _Change the value with

Alternatively, you can use this (but it is not exactly equivalent) :
Yade [8]: O.cell.setInitHsize?
        Define reference base vectors of the undeformed period. The
shape is arbitrary: a non-rectangular parallepiped can be defined as the
reference configuration, and will correspond to trsf=0.

More documentation coming soon.

If you have unexpected behaviour even after fixing this, please report.
If there are too many problems, I'll consider reverting the change.



Bruno Chareyre
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